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Spring Bank - Eyebrook Reservoir - Sunday 10th April 2016 - Bank Match

Presidents Cup - Elinor Trout Fishery - Sunday 18th May 2016 - Bank Match

Alex Booth Memorial - Eyebrook Reservoir - Sunday 1st June 2016 - Boat Match

Steve Parton Memorial Trophy - Draycote Water - Sunday 13th July 2016 - Boat Match

Commitee Cup - Rutland Water - Sunday 10th August 2016 - Boat Match

Boat Pairs Match - Pitsford Water - Sunday 7th September 2016 - Boat Match

Fur & Feather - Blithfield Reservoir - Sunday 5th October 2016 - Boat Match


 Alex Booth Flyfishers - Competition Rules 2014

Rules for club comps are simple (team comps may have specific rules).

In brief, the rules are....

1. All competitions start at 10 AM and finish at 6 PM 
(Jetty to Jetty for boats and car park until 6 PM for banks you are allowed 20 mins to reach the weigh in).
 Unless otherwise stated before the competition.

2. Fishing in club competitions shall be to fishery rules, except in so far as any modification is necessary in order to comply with the following requirements. It is the individuals responsibility to be aware of the fishery rules prior to commencing fishing.

3. The draw for boat partners will take place 45 minutes before the commencement of the match with at least 4 members present. Members should aim to arrive 1 hour before the match. The exception to this rule is the Boat Pairs match where members can arrange for their own partners. All members will be in the draw except for registered disabled persons and their carers. 

4. In the event of an odd number the last person to be drawn will fish on his/her own and the club will re-imburse half the cost of the boat.

5.Immediately prior to the commencement of the competition the Match Secretary or his/her nominee shall assemble the competitors and indicate to them any special conditions applying to the competition. 

Before allowing the competition to commence the Match Secretary or his/her nominee shall declare to all competitors the latest time by which they must report back to the assembly point at the close of the competition. 

No competitor, or his/her tackle, shall leave the assembly point until a signal has been given by the Match Secretary or his/her nominee that the competition is in progress. 

Competitions fished from boats shall utilise boats which are:-

a. all fitted with motors supplied by the Fishery or;
b. all pulling boats
(A mixture of motor powered and pulling boats shall not be permitted).  

Trolling shall not be permitted in any boat competition. 

Winner and placings shall be decided by total weight of trout caught by each competitor.
 In the event of a tie, the competitor with the greatest number of trout shall take the place. Heaviest bag Wins in each Competition.
(there is also a trophy at the end of the season for Largest Brown and Largest Rainbow caught during the season). 

Under no circumstances will fish finders or other mechanical/electrical devices, to locate depth or other features, be permitted.  

Mobile phones may be carried and used for emergency purposes only and not for communicating with other competitors. 

It is the responsibility of individuals fishing club matches to wear a lifejacket irrespective of fishery rules where this requirement is relaxed. 

Any dispute shall be notified to the Match Secretary or his/her nominee within fifteen minutes of the close of the competition and no result shall be declared until any dispute has been decided. 

Competitors shall observe the normal fishing courtesies of boat and bank in respect of the other competitors and particularly in respect of any other anglers who may be fishing the water whilst the competition is in progress. 

Any expense incurred as a result of a member withdrawing from a competition which he/she had previously indicated their intention to fish shall be the sole responsibility of that member.  

Any aggrieved competitor shall have the right of appeal against the Match Secretary’s decisions. 
(Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary not later than seven (7) days after the said competition).

18. For fairness - Kill first X fish, (where X = the fishery bag limit). Then catch and release .
Most fisheries allow catch and release, therefore C+R can be done after the bag limit is completed.
(Please keep a note of the number of released fish for rod average and fishery records).

19. Please don't try to book in for everything and then cancel, as this can cause chaos for the organisers, (emergencies excepted)
- Please ensure that you can fish that day if you have arranged to do so with the match secretary.

20. We have an aggeregate trophy that runs for the season to determine the club champion -
 this will be decided by your total score at the end of the season.
(Where first place earns you 1 point; second place earns you 2 points and so on - 
the lowest score at the end of the season determines the Club Champion). 

21. The competitions are there to enjoy.. (But please do not blame the organisers for things outside their control, like... The weather, state of the boats, quality of the fish, no anchor or one with only a short rope attached, a duff boat partner, broken rods, losing a bag of fish over the side of the boat, or even having a Sat Nav that takes you in totally the wrong direction to where the fishery is...)
 so please come along and fish a few competitions, you may find it an eye opener...
And more important - ENJOY THE DAY.




Draycote Water

For more information Please contact either, Roy Lewin, 8 Chestnut Grove, Sandiacre, Nottingham NG10 5EZ Tel: 07762746825.

Or Colin Marriott on 

 or at the address shown below.

Information will also be posted on our Web Site www.alexboothflyfishers.co.uk


Cheques please made payable to Alex Booth Flyfishers and crossed “Charity Match” to Roy Lewin



Limited places are available; so please book your place early to avoid disappointment.




You are cordially invited to participate in the Alex Booth Flyfishers Charity Match to be held this year at Draycote Water

on Thursday 30th June 2016

Commence at 10.00 a.m. – finish at 6.00 pm - Fishing to International Rules.

Meet 8.30 am at the lodge.

You will be fishing for the Old Cottage Brewery Trophy, with runners up prizes and raffle.

The cost of this year’s entry fee of £45.00
for the Alex Booth Flyfishers Charity Match:

Your entrance fee includes – The cost of your day ticket at Pitsford;
Half the cost of the boat for the day and a Buffet at

Dunchurch Social Club





Spring Bank Match (Blithfield)

Winner - Mike Smith

Presidents Cup (Elinor Trout Fishery)

Winner - Baz Street

Alex Booth Memorial (Eyebrook Reservoir - Boat Match)

Winner - Dennis Footman 

Chairmans Trophy (Blithfield - Boat Match)

Winners - Jock Ward / Dennis Footman 

Commitee Cup Draycote Water - Boat Match

Winner - Rob Dobson 

Boat Pairs (Grafham Water - Boat Match)

Winners - Ian Footman / Roy Lewin 

Fur & Feather (Foremark Reservoir - Boat Match)

Winner - Roy Lewin

Alex Booth Charity Match (Draycote Water - Boat Match)

Highest Placed Alex Booth Member - Vic Byrne


                                                                                     Largest Rainbow - 4lb 13oz - Roy Lewin     Largest Brown    - 3lb 00oz- Baz Street 

                                                                           Highest Placed Veteran - Dennis Footman                  Winner Club Championship - Roy Lewin 






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