Well it’s Saturday night and what have we got on the TV?, strictly come dancing on the beeb (Err; No I don’t think so) Rugby on ITV (Err; Definitely not), I have one hundred and thirty odd channels to choose from and can’t find a thing worth watching, so I’ve plumped for deadliest catch on the Discovery Channel.

On top of all that I’ve got four grandkids running around the house causing mayhem (I love it really).

Anyway while their having fun with play-do etc., I’m sitting here trying to get inspired to write a newsletter covering the two of the worst matches of the season. The first match at Pitsford I couldn’t make because of holiday commitments, but according to all reports “I chose the right match to miss”, the second was the fur and feather at Foremark, “I wished I’d have missed that one as well”.

I got the feeling on the day that quite a few of the members fishing it would be happy to see a change of venue for this one. A couple of suggestions that were brandished about after the match were Blithfield with the meal and presentation at The Crown in Abbotts Bromley or Ravensthorpe with the meal and presentation at The Chequers Inn, in Ravensthorpe Village (just think, Steak and Kidney Pudding), so it looks like we will have to put this to a vote at the AGM along with anymore suggestions you may have.

Please if you cannot make the AGM which this year is on November the 17th at the Wilsthorpe Tavern, either Email or post me your choice so that I have your vote in writing, and please do this ASAP in time to cast your vote.  

Now let’s get down to trying to write a few good things about the matches, the Pitsford match I cannot write to much about as I said earlier I wasn’t there, and by all accounts the match was dire with no one catching any fish in great numbers, even Rob Dobson and Mike Smith had to revert to a bit of back dragging, so things must have been bad. 

The results of the match were as follows:-


1st  Rob Dobson         7fish          15lb 10oz

2nd Vic Byrne             5 fish        10lb 09oz

3rd John Marshall     5 fish          9lb 00oz

4th Geoff Savidge     4 fish          8lb 13oz

5th Ian Footman        3 fish          5lb 09oz

6th Mike Smith          2 fish         4lb 11oz

7th Steve Hill            1 fish          2lb 11oz

8th Pat Caine             1 fish          1lb 140z


Best fish – Rainbow of 3lb 12oz to Rob Dobson...


Jock Ward; Dave Johnson & Colin Marriott all Blanked.


The results of the boat pairs were as follows:-


1st Rob Dobson/Jeff Savidge


2nd John Marshall/Ian Footman


3rd Vic Byrne/Steve Hill


Well done to everyone who caught fish in very testing conditions, unfortunately I have no photo of the winner/winners as my press officer for the day forgot to supply me with any.


Foremark (a big long pause, because again I think of anything to write about, this another dead loss), I know “who tried to kill Robert in Emmerdale? My money is on Paddy, what do you think”, and “do you think they’ll find Callum’s body in Coronation Street”?

All these questions have got to be more interesting than the farce we had at Foremark, on a positive note though “Errrr!!” Nice day for sun bathing especially in October, I nearly stripped down to my Speedo’s.

Seriously though, apart from the lack of water in the reservoir, the sun and the flat calm for most of the day, everything seemed poised for a perfect day’s trout fishing.

From the off some of our boats made for the valve tower and others for Carvers rocks, Ian Footman fishing with Vic close to the draw off tower, hooked into one first cast whilst the rest of us struggled on most of the day, I hooked one which slipped the hook after a aerobatic display, Baz got his first not long after that and I swear that it was my fish, but I let him have it anyway. Elsewhere Terry Smith managed a couple of fish to nymph’s, Colin; Vic; Dave Johnson & Kev Slater all managed one a piece, whilst the rest of us all blanked even though I did manage a couple of nice Perch.

A really disappointing day which earlier looked really promising, the match results were as follows:-


1st Ian Footman          3 fish                    8lb 10oz

(Including a rainbow of 4lb 06oz)

2nd Baz Street            2 fish                   6lb 12oz

(Including a rainbow of 4lb 07oz)

3rd Terry Smith          2 fish                   3lb 13oz

4th Kevin Slater          1 fish                    2lb 13oz

5th Vic Byrne              1 fish                    2lb 00oz

6th Colin Marriott       1 fish                    1lb 10oz

7th Dave Johnson        1 fish                    1lb 08oz


Roy Lewin; Steve Hill; Mike Smith; Rob Dobson; Graham Moore & Pete Fleming all blanked.


As I said earlier in this newsletter, this venue has got to be up for review, as well as the venue for the meal afterwards, which again was not the best we’ve had and at nine pound a head rather than two for twelve quid as it has been in the past, the one saving grace being the sociable waitress Sarah, who looked after us.

We need to put this one at top of the agenda for next year’s match calendar, I’m happy with either of the two suggestions that have been put forward.

Well done to those that caught fish on the day, the rest of us “must try harder”.

Don’t forget later this month (November 17th) it is the AGM, kick off at 8p.m. until about 10p.m. ish, if you have any issues to raise now’s the time to get your thinking caps on, one issue I would like to raise, and I’m telling you now so that you may have a chance to think about it and come up with some idea’s, and that is how do we attract new members into the club, as year on year it seems like we are losing people from the club, I know we are all getting on a bit, (well most of you are) but at this rate it makes you wonder if there will be a club left in five to ten years’ time. So please have a think about it and put forward your suggestions at the meeting, don’t forget it’s your club and we want it to be around for years to come.



As match secretaries Steve Hill and I would like to thank all those that managed to get out and fish the matches, I know they have not all been easy (especially the last two) but thank you anyway and we hope we can all improve on this, next year.


Finally as you will see with the league tables attached to this newsletter, we have a new club champion, “well done Mr Marshall, consistent angling throughout the year, Sir”.





 Roy Lewin 

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